sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

Set me free

I'm full of your sadness, your tears, of my love for you, your kind of music, your no-smile, of your cult-way... I'm stronger than that, I'm stronger than the pain of live withou you.
I's only because I want more. More happyness, more about life, about love, about a guy. I want a man, a real man that acts like one, lookes me with a masculine eye, masculine desire. I want a man that hold me close, give me a strong kiss, e makes me feel woman, safe, desirebly.
Sorry, but a boy with so many douts in his had, so many 'I'dont konws'... it's to much for me. I full of love, full of good things... if you can get this, if I'm to much for you, please... let me forget you, let me get you away of my life. I need to make my heart free from you.

I'm saying this becase loving you is a huge mistake. And I don't want this love anymore.

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